The mortar between the bricks is a visible part of your property and can appear unsightly if it starts to crumble and deteriorate.

Repointing is the process of removing and replacing this mortar and is especially good for older homes where new mortar can improve the durability of the walls for all weather conditions.

If the mortar is not replaced, then it could mean that water will be able to enter your brickwork causing all sorts of problems such as water damage and damp.

White deposits can form from the salt in the water that has got into your brickwork and whilst that may not be damaging, will cause unsightly markings on your walls. Inadequate pointing can also over time cause damp to appear inside your home, so it is always sensible to get mortar replaced in your walls to prevent this from happening and causing expensive repair bills.

Some bricks may be so deteriorated that it is best they are taken out of the wall and replaced with new bricks, especially important for chimney stacks. The damaged bricks could well be letting water penetrate your building.

At Safeguard Roofing & Building Ltd we can offer repointing of a whole brickwork façade of a house, a whole wall or just patch pointing. Every customer has different requirements, just speak to a member of our team for free advice and guidance on any type of house repointing.

We can repoint house walls, chimney stacks, garden walls, garages, conservatory walls, whatever needs to be repointed we can quote you for it.

We will repoint tastefully and create a high quality finish in keeping with the rest of your building.

Repointing always needs to be carried out in dry weather conditions so give our friendly team a call today on Oxford 01865 708401, we are here to help.