Moss may look quaint and offer some character to your home, but it needs to be removed and fast!

Moss holds onto water, expands and starts to part and crack your roof tiles if left to multiply in damp and shaded areas. Moss also likes to grow in other areas of your roof and can weaken the bond where cement and other materials are used to hold your roof joins together.

It is imperative that the moss is removed before any more damage occurs. Do not try and remove the moss yourself, you will need the expertise and knowledge of a team such as ours at Safeguard Roofing & Building Ltd. We have the specialist tools and know how to safely remove the moss without breaking any tiles and damaging your roof further.

Once the moss has been removed, our team will be more than happy to discuss with you about applying a textured roof coating that may be suitable for your roof to prevent moss, algae and lichen to build up again.

If you are looking to sell your home it is also important to show a roof that is well cared for by having loose tiles replaced, having the mortar refreshed and having your roof professionally cleaned. When a roof looks cared for, one would expect the rest of the house to be in full working order.

Our team have specialist modern equipment to be able to offer a jetwashing service not only to clean your roof but also to clean other outside areas such as driveways, patios, pathways, fencing, garden furniture, shed bases, walls and garages. Just speak to a member of our team about your specific requirements and we will quote you accordingly.

We can also carry out any repointing before the jetwashing starts, take a look at our House Repointing page for more information.

Roof cleaning is available on any style and size of building in Oxford and surrounding areas and comes at an affordable price.

So, give Safeguard Roofing & Building Ltd a call today on Oxford 01865 708401, we are here to help.